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Eat & Drink

The food culture in Reykjanesbær has been international throughout history, where the first hamburger was fried and where the cocktail sauce was invented – of course under the influence from the American base at Keflavík Airport.

Reykjanesbær is a multinational community and that is clear from the number of restaurants and the diversity of them. Here you can find the cuisine of different nations, about 20% of the population is Polish. If you have not tried Polish dumplings then we highly recommend you do.

If you’re in for some fast food to eat, there’s a great selection and a no-brainer, yet another legacy of the US military, and we take our fast food seriously. If you want to go further, you can dine at the old American air base on the ancient Viking where Bob Hope once stepped up. The place is Icelandic today but the host worked on the field.

You will find something for you with us whether it is fast food, bakery, drinks, top restaurants or cafes, or just a champagne bar!

Barir, bakarí og kaffihús