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Hljómahöll Concert hall

Hljómahöll is a center for human life, conferences, meetings and cultural events in Reykjanesbær. Here’s our Harp if you understand.

I invited you to a dance in Stapi, there was nothing to lose – sang Karl Hermannsson but the historic clubhouse Stapi is part of Hljómahöll and continues to serve its role as before.

In Hljómahöll you can find Rokksafn Íslands where you can experience Icelandic pop and rock history.

The museum shows various documentaries about Icelandic music and the soundtrack is popular, where guests can play loose tail and try out electric drum kits, guitars, bass and sing in specially designed singing rooms.

The Reykjanesbær Music School, one of the largest in the country, operates in Hljómahöll’s building.

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