Visit Reykjanesbær

Fun for any child

The giantess that lives by the marina welcomes all children, but do not be surprised if she is asleep when you visit, giant trolls need their sleep. If you need to get rid of the snood, the giantess is always looking for decoration in the cave.

Every year a children’s art festival is held in Reykjanesbær and Waterworld offers one of the best facilities in the country for parents and young children.

Great entertainment for kids

Giantess Cave

At the marina lives a giant that is very friendly to children, although some find it rather large and rugged. The giantess is everyone's friend and is inviting and ready to use her size and energy to help in the problems of the little ones, her friends.

The Icelandic Museum of Rock & Roll

Great fun and educational for the whole family who can create music, play musical instruments and even record the song.

The bridge between continents

If you are strong enough, you can lift this bridge, but if you cross it, you have traveled between two continents.

Reykjanesbær Library

Take a look at a book, read the papers, let the children experience and enjoy the food in our café. Our library is a safe and fun place for everyone.

Boat museum of Gríms Karlssonar

in Duus museum you can view Grímur Karlsson's unique boat models that are modeled on Icelandic boats.


Stekkjarkot is a dry shop and shows examples of human dwellings that were common south by the sea in ancient times. At Stekkjarkot there is a settlement zoo where you can see animals and pet.

Viking world

Víkingaheimar is a magnificent exhibition hall that houses e.g. a reconstruction of the Viking ship Íslendingur, which sailed to America in 2000 to commemorate Leif Eiríksson's voyage to the New World.


The Aðventusvellið is a new and exciting addition to the Advent Garden in Reykjanesbær, but it is located in the ornamental garden in Keflavík.

Water world

Water world is an indoor water playground for the whole family that is very popular with families all over the country. It offers a variety of playground equipment for the youngest generation and the water is heated and comfortable.

Festivals in town

Welcome to BAUN, the children and youth festival in Reykjanesbær, which aims to make the creativity of children and young people a priority and to highlight all the positive and fun things that children and families can do together in Reykjanesbær, free of charge.