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The bridge between continents

The shortest route between Europe and America is in Reykjanes, where you can cross a bridge between the continents in just a few minutes.

The bridge symbolically shows where the two continental borders meet on the land of Reykjanes, but they are North American and Eurasian plates, this gaps grows by just a few centimeters each year.

Nowhere in the world can these continental plates be visibly seen on land, which is why Reykjanes has been certified by UNESCO as an international Geopark.

This split land can be seen in many parts of Reykjanes, but it is also the reason why there are five volcanic systems on the peninsula and it is therefore an active volcanic area – as everyone saw when the eruption began in Geldingardalur in 2021.

make sure to visit as Reykjanes is one huge lesson in geology for everyone.

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