Visit Reykjanesbær

Downtown Reykjanesbær

The historic Hafnargata lies along the coastline above the historic shopping stalls of Duus merchants, where shops opened in the 19th century.

Fish is no longer traded on Hafnargatan, but there you can find a number of shops with a diverse product range and with plenty of parking to go round.

After a shopping trip, it is easy to find places to eat and relax as Reykjanesbær is a multinational community and has a rich global food culture.


For those who prefer to shop indoors, the Krossmói shopping center is ideal, and it is located in the center of the town, by Krossmói.
There you will find shops and various services in a cozy environment as well as restaurants. With plenty of space to park your car or motorhome.


At Fitjar, a shopping centre has been built with large stores located by Reykjanesbraut. These include Rúmfatalagerinn, Húsasmiðjan, Bonus and Krónan. Plus a range of great places to grab a bite to eat.

We must not forget the locally sourced fish in Issa’s fish and chip shop proclaimed as the best fish and chips in the country. We stand by it.