Visit Reykjanesbær

Where will you stay?

Do you want to stay in a five star hotel or is a guesthouse just the thing?

There are various accommodation options in Reykjanesbær and everyone should find a place to spend the night that suits the occasion.

Reykjanesbær is a stone’s drive from Leif Eiríksson Air Terminal and therefore close to home. Therefore, do not sleep anymore and escape the traffic on Reykjanesbraut by staying in the international small town.

If you want to turn your weekend round into a weekend trip, Reykjanesbær is for you. Shop, explore, relax, dine and stay overnight.

Are you going to travel around Iceland on your own?

It is safe to say that the selection of rental cars is greatest in Reykjanesbær, which serves all the number of guests who pass through Leif Eiríksson Air Terminal.

Do you need a car or motorhome or a car with a top tent that can withstand the Icelandic weather well?

We do not have a tractor.