Visit Reykjanesbær

Creative power

Reykjanesbær has a rich musical culture and has been known to be referred to as the home of pop music in Iceland, where the first Icelandic Beatles band Hljómar was formed, where the first pop star in Icelandic history, Rúnni Júll, took the stage.

You can experience this unique story in the Rock Museum of Iceland in Hljómahöll, where an important museum of life, events and culture has been created in Reykjanesbær.

Duus Museum, which previously housed Danish merchants and the sale of fish, now serves a new purpose as the town’s cultural center, where there are galleries of the Art Museum and the Regional Museum and a number of exhibitions are held each year.

Reykjanesbær Library is a living museum that offers exhibitions and events all year round. Then you can head to the café there for a bite to eat and even take look at the papers.

The main cultural centers and exhibitions in Reykjanesbær

Boat museum of Gríms Karlssonar

Closed temporarily due to construction work. In Duus Museum you can view Grímur Karlsson's unique boat models that are modeled on Icelandic boats.

Reykjanesbær Library

Take a look at a book, read the newspapers, let the children explore and enjoy the food in our café. Our library is a safe and fun place for everyone.

Local history museum

The Reykjanesbær Regional Museum collects, preserves, researches, media and studies the history of the area. You will find a variety of exhibitions at the Duus museum.


Hljómahöll is a magnificent cultural and concert hall with facilities for meetings and conferences.

Art Gallery

You will find our art museum at Duus museum, which is a venue for new trends in art. There are fantastic exhibitions that show the best in modern art.

The Icelandic Museum of Rock & Roll

The rock museum is interactive and suitable for the whole family. There, guests can explore the world of music, play the various instruments and even record a song.

Giantess in the cave

At the marina lives a giatnt that is very friendly to children, although some find it rather large and rugged. Skessan is everyone's friend and invited and ready to use his size and energy to help in the problems of the little ones, his friends.


Stekkjarkot is a 'dry house' and shows examples of human dwellings in the south that were common in early settlement.

Viking World

Viking world is a magnificent exhibition hall that houses e.g. a reconstruction of the Viking ship Íslendingur, which sailed to America in 2000 to commemorate Leif Eiríksson's voyage to the New World.

Events at the museums