Visit Reykjanesbær

Outdoor activities

The nature of Reykjanes is breathtaking and a unique apart of the world and apart of the network of UNESCO geoparks around the world.

The energy from deep underground has shaped the landscape, where you can find rows of craters, moss-grown lava, spitting hot springs and the Blue Lagoon, which has been called one of the wonders of the world.

Reykjanes has one of the largest bird colonies in Europe and is popular for bird watching, whether it is in rocks or beaches.

The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless, whether you want to enjoy nature or test your endurance, there’s a lot of fun to be had with us.

Hiking trails

In Reykjanes you will find ancient hiking trails that humans and animals have carved into the lava over the centuries. The paths run through peatlands, moss-covered lava, and sand and are well marked out.

The coastal route in Reykjanesbær is a 10 km hiking trail that runs from Helguvík to Stapi. It is popular with locals and visitors as it is pathed and illuminated and offers a unique view of the sea where we face Keilir and his children and if you are lucky you could catch a glimpse of the occasional whale and the bird life by the beach is varied.

Coastal route


90 mín

Hiking trails around Reykjanes

Other outdoor activities

Mountain bike trail

Cyclists can enjoy themselves on the mountain bike path at Ásbrú, where your strength and balance is tested.

Just remember to wear a helmet!

Outdoor workout stations

In Reykjanesbær, there are four exercise stations as well as two separate exercise equipment by Strandleið near Vatnsnes. The equipment is varied, cover all the muscles of the body, and is suitable for a wide age group. Users only work with their own body weight. Location of the workout stations are below:

Outdoor swimming pool

The swimming center has a 25-meter outdoor pool, four swimming pools and a steam room. In addition, it has one of the most magnificent 50-meter indoor pools in the country.

Suðurnes Golf Club

One of the most beautiful golf courses in the country is in Leirun on Garðskagi, where golfers enjoy spectacular views of Faxaflói.

Folf (Frisbee golf)

Interested 'folfers' can enjoy themselves at three folf courses in town and the good thing about this fun sport is that it can be played all year round.

Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark

Reykjanesbær is in the middle of a active volcanic area that has received international UNESCO certification as a Global Geopark.